February 28, 2024



  InterChina is a strong believer in recruiting top talent and promoting career advancement.

Our professional career path and performance management culture provide our professionals with every opportunity to progress rapidly in their careers. At each level we support them to build the capabilities and gain the experience they need to advance to the next level, as well as to underpin life-long career success.

A significant share of our professionals has been with InterChina for over 5 years, or even over 10 years. Due to their own merit, and without the company having glass ceilings, many have reached the top and have become equity partners. This level of stability not only contributes to our strong company culture, but also differentiates us in such a knowledge driven business.

Meanwhile, we are constantly searching for top talent to help us grow. In addition to young professionals starting their careers with us, we also welcome experienced professionals to join at higher level positions. If you are excited by what you are hearing, we encourage you to consider applying for a position.