February 28, 2024



We track why clients decide to work with us, and why they continue to work with us thereafter. Simply put, they believe that we differ from our peers in ways that really matter for professionals in China.

We are a gateway between the east and west:
  • We are among the first advisory firms on the Mainland
  • We have many European and North American multinational clients
  • We are one of the first advisory firms to move into the Chinese outbound investment market, and are developing a healthy Chinese client base.
  • Our senior team has significant global expertise an extensive global and Chinese contact network
Makes for a very solid foundation
Given that current resources are a legacy of past projects, we have conducted:
  • >500 strategy projects
  • >160 transactions
  • >USD 6 bn investment
  • Using a broad, strong, senior network
An advanced starting point for each new project
We understand Chinese company needs and perspectives:
  • We bring a wealth of international experience to our clients
  • We focus on results
  • We are efficient in the transaction execution process
We have in-depth sector knowledge
As business complexity should be reflected in team diversity:
  • Career histories in services, industry and government
  • Traditional veterans paired with modern technicians
  • Held together by a deliberately strong company culture
Results in a diverse yet functional team
Provided that strategy and M&A are symbiotic capabilities:
  • Strategy with an execution mindset, based on fieldwork
  • M&A with a strategic mindset, using sector expertise
  • Excellence in core competencies: fieldwork, negotiation
Results in smart choices, actionable results,
      and getting things done
When investment in the long-term has benefits in the short-term:
  • We treat each issue as unique, taking a fresh and tailored approach
  • Communicate openly, getting clients engaged, and showing flexibility
  • Provide an independent opinion, while working with client reality
First client is still our client, and 2/3 of our projects
      are returning clients
M&A Advisory
InterChina provides investment banking services to our clients in China, covering China Buy-side Advisory, Sell-side Advisory, ...
InterChina has developed expertise in select sectors to further our delivery of pioneering and practical solutions ...
We are constantly searching for top talent, and we welcome new joiners in entry level and higher level positions ...