February 28, 2024

Your Development



Our strong belief in promoting career advancement is reflected in our performance management culture. That means opportunities for you to gain experience, training to develop your capabilities, and challenges for you to test yourself. We will provide you with what you need to progress rapidly in your career.

Opportunities For You To Gain Experience
Quite simply, we will place you at the forefront of the most exciting consulting and advisory market in the world. Ours is an international workplace full of meaningful projects for dynamic multinationals with the highest expectations. Every project presents a new challenge given the diversity of flows (from inbound to outbound), clients (from American to European to Chinese), sectors (from machine tools to healthcare to food) and issues (from market growth to profit protection to acquisitions). And the role played by our teams is pivotal, interfacing directly with client decision-makers and charged with making a difference.

Training To Develop Your Capabilities
All our professionals are matched with Performance Coaches, normally senior colleagues from the same practice. Your Performance Coach will help you understand performance expectations and inspire you towards improved performance. They work with you to set individual development goals, and provide continuous feedback, both in terms of successes to be sustained and shortcomings to be overcome. Your Performance Coach will also identify individual training needs, drawing upon InterChina's strong program of internal training courses and external guest speakers. Moreover, InterChina will encourage you to pursue professional qualifications, providing examination leave and sponsoring membership fees.

Challenges For You To Test Yourself
We know that you are seeking rapid progress in your career. In addition to supporting you build the capabilities and gain the experience you need to advance to the next level, we will also provide challenges for you to test yourself. This means taking on increasing levels of responsibility, stretching yourself little by little, and allowing you to demonstrate your potential to progress even further. You will see the value of continuing to build on what you have done before, with meaningful rather than hollow promotions, and how that helps underpin life-long career success.

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