February 28, 2024

Professional Team



We have been building our Professional Team for almost 20 years. In addition to those that have been with InterChina since the beginning, a significant group have been with us for over 10 years, and even more for over 5 years. With 50 professionals, not only have we reached scale, but we have also developed diversity of experience and capability. Given the complex nature of China's business environment, we believe this is necessary.

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Our Professional Team is full of diversity, experience and capability.
China focus

  • We believe that diversity is essential given the complex nature of China’s business environment. Our team is able to draw upon its diversity, and depth of experience to serve our clients. And we continue to function effectively as a team due to our deliberately strong company culture.
  • We have professionals who have joined us from careers in professional services, industry and government. Some are life-long consultants and advisors, while others are industrialists-turned-consultants. All bring practical experience, including first hand experience of the client side.
  • Our professionals include China veterans, experienced at reading Chinese companies and leaders, and skilled in negotiating with Chinese counterparts. We also have modern technicians, trained and qualified by the global consultancies and banks, and mindful of what it takes to serve Western and Chinese clients.
  • Most of our colleagues are Chinese with international experience, having worked for multinationals and received postgraduate degrees overseas. Our Western colleagues are China specialists, having spent a substantial portion of their careers in China, and speak Mandarin Chinese.

M&A Advisory
InterChina provides investment banking services to our clients in China, covering China Buy-side Advisory, Sell-side Advisory, ...
InterChina has developed expertise in select sectors to further our delivery of pioneering and practical solutions ...
We are constantly searching for top talent, and we welcome new joiners in entry level and higher level positions ...