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InterChina Insight serves as our platform to share our views on investment, market and functional topics related to doing business in China. Current and archived articles are listed below. We welcome you to download and print them ready to read in a quiet moment.

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The age of the aged
  China and its elderly - a new market with new rules
  Franc Kaiser, Rick Woo, Wang Shuai PDF  | EN  |  2020-01-02

China 2020 - Time to Double Down
  his article is a condensed version of the main trends and conclusions in our 2020 China Business Forecast. For the past 15 years InterChina has published a forecast of the business environment for the year ahead, offering a practical guide to what we can expect in terms of business challenges and opportunities. The report is based on our strategy and corporate advisory work over the year, plus an additional 100 interviews with top executives based in China. We then present the report at our annual business forecast conferences in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as at locations across Europe and the US.
  Jan Borgonjon PDF  | EN  |  2019-12-18

Lonely at the top in troubling times
  For many leaders of international consumer companies in China, the current situation feels unprecedented, fraught with risk and consequences. If you are feeling that way, you are not alone - but what should be done about it? This is not the time to sit on your hands until things settle down. It is the time to get on the front foot, and there is plenty to be done.
  Rahul Colaco PDF  | EN  |  2019-11-14

China Rethink
  The number of divestments by foreign companies in China continues to accelerate. Barry Chen looks at what is driving the trend and how multinationals thinking of a divestment should prepare.
  Barry Chen PDF  | EN  |  2019-10-17

Ten reasons why Chinese manufacturers will adopt EaaS
  It has become tough for Chinese manufacturers to secure bank loans, whilst China’s industrial equipment leasing value has grown 7x over the last 8 years. In this vortex comes the idea that a manufacturer does not need to own or lease assets anymore – instead, he “pays-by-use”.
Equipment as a Service (EaaS) links a production equipment to the machinery maker and stays off the customer’s book – all made possible by IIOT. What’s still missing for China is a winning pricing and engagement model.
Our white paper summarizes ten reasons why China could become a future EaaS country.
  Franc Kaiser, Tao LIN PDF  | EN  |  2019-09-24

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